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3D Game Development

Achieve your dreams and see your visions with our help you can
get amazing 3D models and more!
We develop games in any way shape of form,
From Unreal Engine 5  to making content in games that supports
mods. This includes 3D modeling, Mapping and general use of Mod-tools .

Our team also gives you the freedom to let you
decide what we do.
This can be things as Cover Designs to Amazing Trailers.

We Love To Work!

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Application Development

We can help you out on achieving your project(s).
Need help with your study,
homework or do you need help on your free time project(s)?
We love to help and get it done thanks to our team's experiences.
We made several applications from software to console application
such as SG4Y's Advantage Tools for the PS3 Console.

Maybe you already have your project(s), but want to get the word out there.
We can make sure your project(s) gain attention and leaves a great impression!

From the actual development to Reviewing your project(s).

We Are An Open Team For Anything!

Website Development

Have a business or planning to have one?
Why not get started on your amazing website?

Our team can help you make your website.
We make sure it gains attention and leaves
the clients with a good impression everyday!

From Website designs to Logo designs.

We Got You Covered!

Sharp Cloud


Make use of our encrypted cloud storage,
Thanks to our partner Purevpn we can add military encryption to our cloud storage!



Sharp Cloud is not a free service, It is a special secured and encrypted server where clients can secure their documents.
Have a file or multiple files you want to make sure it's never lost? add it to Sharp Cloud!
No one (including our team) can see what's in the file(s)
No on (including our team) can loose or steal data!
*No files that contains violence, nudity regarding children.

Open a ticket for more details or getting your files into Sharp Cloud!


Unreal Engine Assets

Unity 3D Assets


BO3 Modtools Assets